Situated in the South of Johannesburg

ANA Make-up Artistry

Passionate about Makeup and Hair! A small team of 2. We strive to provide professional but friendly service with the amazing results!

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My Studio

I believe Make-Up isn't about making you look amazing, it's about making you feel amazing; renewing your views about yourself and that's what I aim for.

Make up is a confusing subject to some and art to others, for me its an art. The thrill of allowing women to actually feel beautiful is a feeling most will never experience. I experience this feeling every time i show the women i work with, my finished product. Make up is a raw, natural talent i discovered i possess and i embrace it fully. It is what i love, it is my passion, It is a gift that i have been blessed with and I use my gift to bless women with the most precious gift of all; Joy

My Price List

Please note that Prices are subject to Change.
If there is something you are looking for which isn't below please contact me.

Hair Styling

Bridal Styling ------------------- R450.00
Mother of the Bride -------------- R250.00 +
Mother of the Groom-------------- R250.00 +
Flower Girl------------------- R250.00

Make Up

Bride's Make Up-------------------- R850.00
Bridesmaid's ------------------ R650.00
Mother of the Bride/Groom ----- R550.00
Flower Girl --------------------------- R150.00+


Bride's Hair & Make Up --------- R1050.00
Bridesmaid's Hair & Makeup ------- R800.09
Mother of the Bride Hair & Make UP ----- R650.00
Mother of the Groom Hair & Make UP ----- R650.00